Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cherry Picking

What a great start of 2016 for me.  We had mum who spent her Christmas and New Year with us being a tourist as well as my sister who is going to study was also with us. It's the first time of my mum to went overseas and holiday here in Adelaide so hubby and I were busy going out to tour here around if we have free time because at the same time we are working as well. It's lucky my sister was already here to accompany her at home when we are working.  If we are not we tried our best to let her experience to see much of South Australia.

One of our tour which is my first time, as well as mum and sister to go for a cherry picking.  It was fun to pick and eating free cherries while picking is the best part too. We had enjoyed a lot with our experience, it's very tiring because the fields of cherry trees were downhill it's like we need to use the stick like hot rods sticks just to go back uphill on our way back, but we are not prepared for that. We still manage to make our way while we are carrying buckets of cherries.
To sum up the fun of picking cherries and eating mostly as we can, it was fantastic experience.
Our buckets is ready for picking

Mum was so happy to experience the cherry picking

My sister

And myself had reached downhill to pick the cherries
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