Monday, April 13, 2015


The only baby of my MIL, he is always the topic of the story everytime we visit the house of MIL, though he is only a dog, Billy gave joy and happiness to them.  He fills the loneliness of the two oldies with his presence.  A dog that can act like human and has many senses to what as human feels and thinks.  He is very smart, obedient and intelligent, quick to learn a lot of things. He is just gorgeous and very sweet dog.  That's why Billy was the most precious love of my MIL, they give more importance to him, treat him like a baby.  Billy had his treat always, from food and toys, walking in the park and a short drive, they always makes sure Billy is in good health and in good condition especially when season change from summer to winter. If they think Billy is not well they will rush him to the vet to assure Billy's health is fine.  He has also vitamins and maintenance ready like the  posatex incase he has some infection in his ear or other body parts.
He is so lucky to be loved by my parents-in-law, very spoiled by them and so are they very lucky with Billy.
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