Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Stroll in the city

It was yesterday, after I had finished my 5 hours shift I was decided to wander in the city as it's Friday night late shopping.  Aside from that, I was thinking to find the location of a certain shop I was planning to go with. It was further down the rundle mall street so I had a bit of a walk to reach the store. While walking, the mall street are occupied with sometalented entertainers, some magician, teenager singing, like he is using a floyd rose instruments, I saw these 2 cute and inspirational kids playing violin, an Asian guy who juggle a couple of crystal balls into the air and switching the balls into his arms and head without falling.  I was so impressed and was entertained at the same time.  It made my day and it's nice to be surrounded by many people who all are happy to see the tricks and enjoying to watch those different talents in the mall streets.
Indeed, it was a refreshing and a stressful day after a short stroll.


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