Sunday, June 28, 2015

My mentor

Today, I did visit a good friend of mine, like an older sister that always guides me and become mentor how to live a good life here in Australia. Even though we're only 20 minutes drive away, we hardly see each other, but in our heart we are great friends indeed.  She is working and managing their own Pasta Shop family business for 7 days a week and was already living in Australia more than 20 years.  So she has more life experiences than me and so I follow most of her advice when I need them most.
So today is another lovely day to enjoy being with her, as it's my day off and no commitment to avoid a show up at her shop.  It was very busy so I give her a hand serving customers because she was by herself.  I also enjoy having a meal of beef cannelloni with garlic break and coffee.  We had our never ending chat and usual laughs and giggles to share.  The day was ended when the shop was about to close, I feel like I have 4 hours shift in the shop (lol). I had take away pasta for hubby his favourite beef lasagne and ravioli pasta.
Now, I'm just warming myself in bed while browsing moog minitaur online.


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