Thursday, October 16, 2014


Today, it's my first time again to have a short hours morning shift, 6-10am.  After work, I went home with the thought of going back to sleep straight away, but I was side tracked with hanging the clothes from last night laundry, I forgot to hang hehe.  Then, I tidy the house a bit so my mood will feel great.  I ate my lunch after then relax and watch my drama series.  I had some random browsing as well while watching and I had a quick read about everett gaskins hancock llp, it's an interesting law firm business I may say.
After making myself tired again, the window of opportunity to sleep is coming, so I did and to remember I had a nice dream about my deceased dad, but felt sad and tears are falling, I miss him so much.
I woke up hearing the door bells, it's a stranger who will pick up the advertising sales catalogue he dropped the other day to all neighbours in the suburb.  From then I thought of making for the first time one Filipino dessert called Maja Blanca, now chilling in the fridge to be eaten tomorrow. Plus, I had cooked a nice dinner for hubby, a fried breast fillet chicken with mustard and dill marinade with garlic broccoli as the side dish.
Indeed, I had really had a productive and lovely day.
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