Saturday, July 26, 2014


I never thought it will take 4 days until I become better.  Yes, I was unwell the past few days because of being dizzy, at first I thought it's just nothing or will go away quickly after I took panadol, sleep and wake up feeling better the next day, but it didn't until it becomes repetitive feeling, so I call sick from work because I'm not able to drive and the dizzy feeling is not getting better at all. 
The next day, my husband and I went to the doctor for examination why I'd felt the continuous dizziness for more than a day. I was thinking I'm dehydrated or low blood pressure or not eating on time. As the doctor checked some of the reason why I got dizzy, he told that my right ear was a bit inflamed or there is infection. I'm wondering why I had no clue it was caused by my ear, I didn't feel any aches, ringing or sore in it. I then remember a week ago when I'm cleaning my ear with cotton buds, it must be the reason why.  It's not a very good feeling because it affects the balance and wellness of my body. I can't do much here at home as it's an awful feeling. I was all day in bed just trying to be in one direction because when I move in other or stand up I can feel that my world is spinning. 
Anyway, with the help of ear drops and medicine for dizziness I'm now feeling better and was already backed to work.
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