Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's been 3 months now

The moment the you left us here on earth is still fresh in my mind. It seems only like yesterday had passed whenever I imagine the way you laugh and talk, your jokes and giggles when we had conversation I can feel that you're still alive. Sometimes they misunderstood that your always shouting or angry, but they don't know it's your natural voice and some don't understand it, I really do that's why I don't mind the way you talk and act in front of us.

You are so grateful if someone give you something.  You become fan of my favourite color that's why you are happy when we bought the green motorbike. Now, he is alone, also becoming old and had some problem of course due to wear and tear from day today use, lucky  it was repaired and  replaced with some cheap motorcycle parts to keep running .  When your helper on chicken shop ride on it my mum was frightened, thinking it's you driving home, she was used to the sound of the motorbike everyday, that it's you they're waiting to come home for breakfast and dinner. I think now, it's not being driven often sothat mum won't be reminded that you're already gone.
I hope mum is already coping and well adjusted with the fact of the sudden changes in her daily routine.  I still can't believe your absence but truly you will be always be missed and stay forever in our hearts.  I'm still looking forward to see and hug you if I think of planning a holiday and share some fun times and happy memories together with the whole family.
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