Sunday, March 23, 2014


I was saddened by the news that he was taken away too soon.  It was unexpected by all of us, he is so precious more than like  gemstone jewelry to all of us. Why too soon papa?  Our papa, who never fail to show his best to give us good life and loved us unconditionally.  The incomparable father I've known, the one who never ever  tried to use his hand to hurt us or flick or pinch or spank or hit us with stick if we his children are naughty and bad. The most loving and kind father as we always describe him, if we talk about him to our friends, we are so lucky to have him us our father.  But now, you're gone and it made me realize how much I've lost.  I still need more time to spend to be with him and let him feel a very comfortable life, I'd promise him and mum to visit Australia after my sister's holiday here. He don't wait for that.
Now, that you are in heaven, I will just accept the fact that you are not physically present with us but always present in our hearts.  I've shed a lot of tears every time I'm thinking of you.  I still can't believe you're gone now and left us too soon.  I miss you so much papa, I may not so expressive and showy how I'd both love you and mama. I'm proud a proud daughter of yours.
Please always guide and protect our lives.  Be our angel in our daily life. I love you papa.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Very Useful

The calling cards or  business cards are always useful to me, I often get one on some shops or other business establishment I had been visited.  I collect those contact information or brochures that are given away in case one day I need to make transactions or have some inquiries.
Like last time, I went to the seafood shop nearest to my place to assume and just feeling lucky if they have the product I'm looking for. I'm not too sure if it is available that day especially it's hard to get them on late afternoon which is the time I went to, because of luck I got what I've wanted, the shop save those scraps and store in the freezer.  The "whiting fish heads" for crabbing baits.
Before I've left the shop, I took a business card in case I needed some whiting heads again in the future, although they're 5 minutes drive only it's still best to call them ahead of time before going there just checking if the product I've wanted is available on hand so then I can place an order.  It's just convenient and I'm avoiding to waste some time.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Used flute

Many of us wants to develop a talent of our own. The talent in cooking, sports, dancing, singing, playing instruments and etc. Sometimes we are trying hard to fulfil and improve the talent we are pursuing, some did achieve it and some are still working hard on it or some can't keep doing it because of financial reason. I wonder why, some people refuse to continue especially those inspiring musicians, I never thought one of the instruments they used like flute can be very expensive it's worth 10,000+ dollars for a brand new flute when I was looking online. But guess what? you really don't need to have a brand new, just to let you know there are a many used flute from musicians friend that you can buy for 100 dollars only 90% cheaper and it's still immaculate condition and it's like brand new.  It's highly recommended for those who wants to play flute and a student learner who wants to be a great musician someday.
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