Saturday, January 25, 2014

The old is gone, a new one comes

The gift of friendship.  It's been more than 5 years now that I am living here in Australia.  I've met a lot of people along the way.  I've gained some good friends from work and from my Filipino community. I was once I had a very good friend that I always hang around with. I thought its friends for life but it wasn't. You can't really tell what happen next until the friendship experience some challenges, it is where you know who the real person is, who will stick into your life no matter what happen. 
Yes,  I've lost a very good friend before for some silly reason but now so happy to found a new one. She is not the same as the old one but we seem to have lots in common and get along in every other way of life.  I hope it's a friend forever, a friend who knows how to embrace the essence and meaning of friendship. I have a few acquaintances that I catch up once in a while but it's different to have one that anytime you can talk to or hang out like the one I had before, but now, lucky to have new one again that I can treasure.
I'm thanking the Lord for always there to me and who knows what is my needs and wants in life.  Giving me good friends is one thing I'm thankful for, I'm so blessed and happy not only with family but also sharing the good times with great friends.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cool Change

After a week of super hot temperature, since last night was a relief of cool change. Although, thunder and lightning are a bit scary the rain was a bonus to cool down the surroundings. As it's weekend, I guess the crowds in the beach are increasing more and more. How I wish I'm not working today, so I can be an additional crowd in the beach too (lol).  
It might be great weather to those getting married today in an outdoor atmosphere, the guys who wears tuxedo vests might still feel comfortable with this weather and enjoying the party without heat problem
With this cool change as well it will be less consumption of electricity. While the heat is burning this week the 3 air-conditioning at home were all in use all day.  I was now a bit worried when the bill comes this quarter, but well what can I do? I hope it's not a huge bill only.
I hope you guys are now relieve, comfortable and happy with this cool change and continue enjoying the summer fun.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Keeping cool

After enjoying the 9 hours coolness at work.  Here I am now back home,  resting, relaxing and trying to keep myself cool with this super hot weather. I've been to backyard earlier to visit my garden and my tomato plants were so weak, so I've watered them to recover from heat.  I'd turned on the air conditioning in the lounge so I can watch the only sports I like on tv. The tennis game of Australian Open, not too exciting yet because the one playing right now are not my favorites, usually they play on evening highlight games.  
Now, I'm having a snack and an ice cold  grape flavour drink. Just sitting and relaxing in reclining chair is nice, it makes me fall asleep.  I wish I could get a deep tissue massage just to spoil myself.
I hope tonight will have a cool change like of last night. How are you guys keeping yourself cool? Don't worry about the electric bill put yourself on a comfortable feeling and enjoy the coolness inside the house.
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