Monday, December 15, 2014

Just in my thoughts

Maybe you think I'm being lazy, yes I'm lazy, (lol) lazy to write and compose something motivational and inspiring stories to write here.  But what you don't know I always think to write but I chose not to because I got lazy as I said(lol). I just always open my account but close again when I don't know where to start. Yes,  I had a lot of ideas, stories, experiences and adventures to share but again I'm lazy to share it with you (lol). Selfish as I am, now they're all my history that one day I will still be able to share to you.
This year, I can say that I'm so blessed with many things from work, friends and life as a whole.  Aside that my dad passed away this year but I just accept it as a challenge and blessing too as he is already with our Almighty God and he is at peace with all the problems we may encounter everyday in this world.
I hope next year I will be more inspired and put a spare moment to write. I remember before I'm on into photography so maybe that encourage me more to write and share interesting and unique photos, but now my time and photo sharing was being put into facebook, I should devote some time here too.(lol) how unfair I can be to my sites.
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