Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Powerful speaker

Last 11th of November was my hubby's birthday, before the day come I ask him what gift he wants to receive. He would sometimes say "no" for a gift but this year he was the one who open up. He is excited in saying,  "my birthday is coming soon it means I get a gift for myself". I had a giggle only.  Usually a cartoon of iced coffee milk will makes him happy. Now, he asks to have another speaker to add on our entertainment unit, I then suggest to him to look at muscians friend site if he might like a few choices of affordable and powerful speaker, it's ok to me.
He still making decision about to get or not because he's budget for gift is not much to buy the speaker he wants.  He might save up his daily allowance or wait until Christmas to get it or either he will choose to fix his multi-meter so he can use if he needs them.
My hubby is undecided and sometimes worries about what next to buy in addition to his gadget and toys collection. I sometimes laugh at him because he was always updated to new technologies and upgrades.


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