Sunday, March 23, 2014


I was saddened by the news that he was taken away too soon.  It was unexpected by all of us, he is so precious more than like  gemstone jewelry to all of us. Why too soon papa?  Our papa, who never fail to show his best to give us good life and loved us unconditionally.  The incomparable father I've known, the one who never ever  tried to use his hand to hurt us or flick or pinch or spank or hit us with stick if we his children are naughty and bad. The most loving and kind father as we always describe him, if we talk about him to our friends, we are so lucky to have him us our father.  But now, you're gone and it made me realize how much I've lost.  I still need more time to spend to be with him and let him feel a very comfortable life, I'd promise him and mum to visit Australia after my sister's holiday here. He don't wait for that.
Now, that you are in heaven, I will just accept the fact that you are not physically present with us but always present in our hearts.  I've shed a lot of tears every time I'm thinking of you.  I still can't believe you're gone now and left us too soon.  I miss you so much papa, I may not so expressive and showy how I'd both love you and mama. I'm proud a proud daughter of yours.
Please always guide and protect our lives.  Be our angel in our daily life. I love you papa.


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