Monday, January 13, 2014

Keeping cool

After enjoying the 9 hours coolness at work.  Here I am now back home,  resting, relaxing and trying to keep myself cool with this super hot weather. I've been to backyard earlier to visit my garden and my tomato plants were so weak, so I've watered them to recover from heat.  I'd turned on the air conditioning in the lounge so I can watch the only sports I like on tv. The tennis game of Australian Open, not too exciting yet because the one playing right now are not my favorites, usually they play on evening highlight games.  
Now, I'm having a snack and an ice cold  grape flavour drink. Just sitting and relaxing in reclining chair is nice, it makes me fall asleep.  I wish I could get a deep tissue massage just to spoil myself.
I hope tonight will have a cool change like of last night. How are you guys keeping yourself cool? Don't worry about the electric bill put yourself on a comfortable feeling and enjoy the coolness inside the house.


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