Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cool Change

After a week of super hot temperature, since last night was a relief of cool change. Although, thunder and lightning are a bit scary the rain was a bonus to cool down the surroundings. As it's weekend, I guess the crowds in the beach are increasing more and more. How I wish I'm not working today, so I can be an additional crowd in the beach too (lol).  
It might be great weather to those getting married today in an outdoor atmosphere, the guys who wears tuxedo vests might still feel comfortable with this weather and enjoying the party without heat problem
With this cool change as well it will be less consumption of electricity. While the heat is burning this week the 3 air-conditioning at home were all in use all day.  I was now a bit worried when the bill comes this quarter, but well what can I do? I hope it's not a huge bill only.
I hope you guys are now relieve, comfortable and happy with this cool change and continue enjoying the summer fun.


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