Sunday, May 19, 2013


One of the house upgrades on our to do list later on was the house fence, how I wish we can have or install like the wireless electric fence.  Every time we drove passed a house with the fence like the photos below, hubby and I always tell each other how we wish to have this kind of fence if we have our own house we will have that kind of fence with a sliding gate.

But as we inquire and get a quote for this kind of fence, they're a bit expensive and I think for the existing old house we bought it's not suitable or I may say our pocket is not suitable (lol) but we still liking it and maybe takes a while until we can afford it.  For now if we can't have it we have second option to have this kind of fence showing on the photo below with no post but just the aluminium grills will be affordable for us incase we will change the old fence.
I hope we will not carried away on spending and buying sothat we will not get broke(lol). Taking things slowly but surely was our good plan.
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