Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hobbies at home

After everything has been set and done our household needs at home, hubby and I bonding time are watching movies and sometimes watching some interesting video clips online,  sitting at the backyard and day dreaming under the sunlight or moonlight at night are romantic.
We also have our private time without disturbing each other. 

His private time are going to the shed some tools and handy man stuff, watching YouTube music and video clips, reading documentary stuff on internet and now he is browsing for tooling componentsthe site I've recommended for him to look at some different kinds and interesting tools.
While myself, I often use the internet to keep in touch online with my family and friends, watching Filipino tv shows online, playing online games and blogging.
How about you guys? Of course you all do have hobbies.  Is there something different you do at home on your spare time?  I guess it will be more fun and interesting too....
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