Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Semaphore Street Fair

Last Sunday, I've found a weekend events online here in Adelaide.  The Semaphore Street Fair that's was celebrated every year. I've encouraged my hubby to go and he don't think twice, this is the location of one of our favourite beach. We've been here a few times but it's our first time to witness and experience the event of this year.  It's more on family thing I guess because there are a few recreational rides for the kids but of course all ages are welcome to join.  The whole jetty road was closed because it was used for street market fair. There are lots of displays and food tasting of South Australian authentic products, some also had their way to promote and sell their goods. There is a group of greek who sell their delicacies while playing the  cool mandolin instrument, others are singing while the ladies were dancing the traditional greek dance steps to entertain the by passers. It's very entertaining and lots of fun being part of the event. 
After we almost done strolling the whole street, we sit down at Café Primo restaurant to eat.   My hubby ordered his usual chicken schnitzel and I've got the prawn and calamari meal. After the meal we went to the beach side to look around and watch the different rides and recreational activities.
Here are a couple of photos that catches my eyes while walking.

The field of semaphore beach where all the rides and recreational activities were set up
The giant crocodile slides
I had the free spot to shot my hubby with the crocodile background

The crocodile mouth
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