Monday, June 24, 2013

Winter Blues

Is the weather just a coincidence or I'm just having winter blues? Do you ever experience what I'm feeling right now? Hmmm...I thought things are slowly doing great as we continue our journey and living a healthy and happy life in our new home.

But lately I feel like I'm always thinking of something that is not worth thinking of. Bored? I think so, sometimes just a negative thoughts suddenly struck my mind to make me feel depress and stress. It's the feeling that I always like to escape and ignore but sometimes, it just pop up without giving me warning (lol). I know, I'm the one who can deal and control this bad feeling and I know soon I will surpass it.  And yes, it's only diversion and makes my mind occupied of something that will make me feel good and busy. I was thinking of karaoke but today, retail therapy is the remedy (lol), like buying cigar humidor? Nope, it's only for my hubby.
Today, after work I already set up my mind not to go home straight but to go shopping, which I did.  I bought some clothing that was on stocktake clearance, it's cheap and I feel good when I'm on the shop, it really had made my day.  Going to the shop doesn't mean I'll spend lots but sometimes I'll make sure my pocket won't get hurt if I go home so I'll just buy those that are on sale.


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