Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's public holiday tomorrow. Today, after finish work I rush a few things at supermarket knowing it's close tomorrow.

When I've arrived home, I've spotted that rice cooker was on a cooking mode.  I wonder why, I then ask my hubby "if he puts the left over rice to make it warm" instead he just replied "I'm cooking rice for you" just the thought of him that everytime I came from work I always tell him I'm starving and sometimes rice is the remedy for my hunger.hehe  How sweet and thoughtful of him, he also ask me if I buy powder detergent for laundry, which I've forgotten so the dirty clothes was pending.  So we rush to the supermarket before it closes to buy them, so that we can wash the clothes and not waste the day of no work tomorrow.

Now, I'm cooking fish and veggies for dinner, while waiting of them I was sitting on kitchen bar stool browsing online which shop are open tomorrow and also reading about immigration lawyers in los angeles, an interesting read I had.
Soon, dinner is ready, a healthy food tonight, a happy me so as my tummy.


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