Saturday, March 23, 2013

Unsucessful Offer

How excited I am and looking forward to have our first brand new house. We already been to furniture shops and browse the possible furniture and decors to put inside the house, a boat cushion foam for outdoor chairs catch my eye and looks interesting.  The entertainment lounges was one of the choices for the theatre room.  But if we don't get the house we need to change our plan and see what we get later on.
Hubby and I finally decided to make an offer to a brand new house and land package  that we have inspected among other houses.  It was already built, standing and all you need to do is to move in and not a long wait compare to other H&L package that it needs to be constructed for 6 months or more.  But unfortunately our offer was denied in the last minute when suddenly the house owner increase the price of the property. They reduced it before knowing that no one make an offer because it's a high demand which stays in the market for how many weeks already but just  a sudden they increase it back again which I guess other home buyers were also surprised about it.  We only rely to the maximum amount of property that we can afford so we aren't able to get the property when the owner increase the price and we can't make a higher offer.  I don't know what's their aim of the sudden increase but of course to make more money.
I just hope they will sell it sooner but to think about that it's on the market for a few weeks while it was reduced and still there until now.  Hmmm all I wish is good luck in selling and also good luck to us that one day we will get the house that we're meant for us, it may not be brand new house but as long as it will become a happy house for us that's the main thing.


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