Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Search Is Over

Finally, it lasted only for more than a month. Last night we already signed a contract for buying a house, it was not the house and land package that we are trying to pursue from the first place but an existing house that is quite good, affordable and a very convenient location just around the neighbourhood where we live now.  The only need is to finalize the contract and the processing of the financial institution for the home loan.  If everything will go smoothly between two parties and the bank, yaaaay I'm so excited to have a so called our "own house". I will now have a rest from house shopping that gives me headache, everytime we like a property and it's already sold hehe, but it's worth the waste of time and searching, it's a fun experience going for house inspection.

The next plan after all are being settled is moving out and transfer to the new house.  I can't wait for that day to come but I'm not looking forward in the process of moving out, packing all the stuff, cleaning up and feeling sad leaving the house. Lucky we don't have much of our own while we are renting as we know one day if you will move out lots of things to be moved. But, we really do need to get a rental cars to help us transfer the bulky and heavy stuff that we needed, like the beddings, appliances, clothes and etc.

I hope everything will be alright and thanks God for guiding us and putting us in the right location where we wanted to be.  May you bless our new home to be with love, happiness, peace and harmony through out our whole life.


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