Monday, March 11, 2013

The Block

Yesterday, hubby and I went for the second time to inspect the house which he thinks has the potential to become our own house.  He was the one who has seen it before and told me it's a big block of land and the floor plan of the house was quiet good but it needs renovation only like changing carpet, renovation of kitchen and bathroom also painting the the walls.  The land was almost 800sqm and for the price is like a bargain. 
The floor plan of the house was really the ideal plan that we like, big size bedrooms and lounge, separate dining and kitchen, with family room too and huge backyard.  It's only the matter if we are happy to renovate and can temporarily live there while it's not fully furnished.  I think I can live with it for the meantime while sooner we will be renovating the interior and maybe get some ready made design of kitchen and bathroom. 
Today, hubby and I will deeply think if we will get the house to make sure we will not regret what decision we will make in the future.  I hope no one will make an offer yet.


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