Thursday, March 7, 2013

Samsung galaxy III

Today was my day off.  I was a bit bored just staying at home after little bit of cleaning and it seems like I don't know what to do for the rest of afternoon after I became tired of searching the property.  I've decided to go out and wander to the nearest shopping center by just randomly browsing the interesting shops I've passed along.
I get inside the mobile shop of my network provider just to inquire when will be the end of my contract and what's the earliest time I can renew or upgrade to get a new phone or plan being an existing customer.  I was told that I'm just 5 days left to upgrade a phone but the sales assistant told me he will call center service if ever they can waive the few days left of my contract.  I've said I'm not in a rush to upgrade but with his convincing power and offering a nice contract with the upgrade I was tempted. I don't know how to decide because it's on the spot again of another 2 years commitment on contract but knowing my HTC Desire HD battery has causing me trouble for a while I've decided to bite the offer today.
I don't know which phone to choose, I only need to pick Iphone 5 or Samsung galaxy III. I ring my husband which one he prefers between the two and he said the Samsung III was his bet. Now, I finally I've got it with free screen protector and 50 percent discount for the phone cover, plus the cancellation of my existing outright payment was great.  Over all I'm very satisfied with the help of sales consultant.


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