Thursday, March 7, 2013

House Hunting

Aside from work that keeps me busy, lately I have other stuff that makes me more than busier than the usual.  The house hunting and searching online of property that consume most of my spare time at home and even while break time at work just calling some agents.  I didn't realize it will chew up more time and sometimes it gives me headache and stress too, not that I'm complaining but it's never ending search until you get the ideal house you like or even it's a simple one that is accessible, affordable and convenient location to everything, especially a short distance from work is a bonus.
Everytime I will inquire the prospective property that we decide to commit, it's just unfornate that it was already sold or under contract. It's not like shopping the best guitars online, easy to find and mostly are all available with many choices to pick.  What annoys me is when I inquire and I was told that it's already sold for a while but it was still showing up in the searches.  But well, I know one day it won't be very long that we can really settle up to a house that is somehow what we really wanted and is convenient to all.


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