Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cool change

Today and yesterday was a fine day, it's not very hot and a cool night, unlike the past couple of days temperature it reaches 40 degrees and the coming weekend forecast is a hot day again.  I'm not looking forward on it, but how lucky I am to work in a cool place. I'm only worrying maybe I can't play or cuddle again with my yoga blanket in the night? opps I've meant my sleeping blanket hehe.  I'm so dependent on my blanket, I feel different and naked if I'm not covered with it (lol). Sometimes I don't mind to put it over me even it's hot but if it's really stinking hot day, hmmm forget about the blanket.
I'm just hoping for a weather balance in a week during summer, not a very, very hot day everyday but a cool change is great.


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