Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cool change

Today and yesterday was a fine day, it's not very hot and a cool night, unlike the past couple of days temperature it reaches 40 degrees and the coming weekend forecast is a hot day again.  I'm not looking forward on it, but how lucky I am to work in a cool place. I'm only worrying maybe I can't play or cuddle again with my yoga blanket in the night? opps I've meant my sleeping blanket hehe.  I'm so dependent on my blanket, I feel different and naked if I'm not covered with it (lol). Sometimes I don't mind to put it over me even it's hot but if it's really stinking hot day, hmmm forget about the blanket.
I'm just hoping for a weather balance in a week during summer, not a very, very hot day everyday but a cool change is great.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Projects

Everytime I went for a holiday, I always try to make things worthwhile and memorable especially the happiness of my parents.  Like last new year vacation, due to some extra savings I've made some improvement in our house or accomplinish the unfinish project that was in the to-do-list.  The ceiling was already painted, put moulding frame on the window also additional was I've bought them a flat screen tv with tv mount stand.  There is still some projects left undone but maybe next time, only step by step completion because the finances and budget are bit tight these days.
Aside from projects, my family spent a lot of time together, I also had a catch up with some friends and also visit some tourist Island was great. 
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