Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Semaphore Street Fair

Last Sunday, I've found a weekend events online here in Adelaide.  The Semaphore Street Fair that's was celebrated every year. I've encouraged my hubby to go and he don't think twice, this is the location of one of our favourite beach. We've been here a few times but it's our first time to witness and experience the event of this year.  It's more on family thing I guess because there are a few recreational rides for the kids but of course all ages are welcome to join.  The whole jetty road was closed because it was used for street market fair. There are lots of displays and food tasting of South Australian authentic products, some also had their way to promote and sell their goods. There is a group of greek who sell their delicacies while playing the  cool mandolin instrument, others are singing while the ladies were dancing the traditional greek dance steps to entertain the by passers. It's very entertaining and lots of fun being part of the event. 
After we almost done strolling the whole street, we sit down at Café Primo restaurant to eat.   My hubby ordered his usual chicken schnitzel and I've got the prawn and calamari meal. After the meal we went to the beach side to look around and watch the different rides and recreational activities.
Here are a couple of photos that catches my eyes while walking.

The field of semaphore beach where all the rides and recreational activities were set up
The giant crocodile slides
I had the free spot to shot my hubby with the crocodile background

The crocodile mouth

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Missing Screw

It's been a day or two, I've mentioned to my hubby that the spring of the screen door at the front is faulty.  So, of course as man of the house he will be the one to fix it. The screw is missing that's why it won't automatically close itself and it's been one night that is so disturbing and annoying listening to the banging noises cause of the strong wind.

If only we can get the screw instantly from Reid, I would certainly do that.  But because we need it badly to fix it, we hurriedly went to the hardware shop before it closes just around the corner to get the same type of screw. Now, back to normal and no banging of doors at night, a goodnight sleep is waiting for me.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Most of my spare time when I'm home is on internet.  Sometimes reading and watching updates of statuses or photos on "stalkbook" that's my hubby's other name for facebook (lol).  But most of the time I'm watching a few Filipino series on streamline videos.  It completes my day.

If there is something the pop's up on the screen as ads or whatever I suddenly think of and so interested to know about it. I always do a research on google or the most helpful that I can fully understand a product or thing or a person especially if about health or medication for example like generic plavix 75 mg, I always rely the Wikipedia.   That's why while watching series or just listening to it, I can multi task by reading at the same time of something knowledgeable thing that I need to know from Wikipedia.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Flat/Smooth Top

One of the kitchen appliances I've liked to have in our kitchen is the flat or smooth top cooking stove or oven range that look alike GE PS978STSS.  But, unfortunately when we bought the established house, it's the same stove as what we have in our old rented house.  It's good as it does it jobs in cooking, but only hard to clean up especially the cooking top style it has.
So I've told my hubby, if one day we have our own house we might upgrade our oven into flat top oven that is has a touch function button, no knobs that makes greasy sometimes and easy to clean up by it's smooth top design.  So, it's on our to do list to upgrade to a modern style oven range.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Winter Blues

Is the weather just a coincidence or I'm just having winter blues? Do you ever experience what I'm feeling right now? Hmmm...I thought things are slowly doing great as we continue our journey and living a healthy and happy life in our new home.

But lately I feel like I'm always thinking of something that is not worth thinking of. Bored? I think so, sometimes just a negative thoughts suddenly struck my mind to make me feel depress and stress. It's the feeling that I always like to escape and ignore but sometimes, it just pop up without giving me warning (lol). I know, I'm the one who can deal and control this bad feeling and I know soon I will surpass it.  And yes, it's only diversion and makes my mind occupied of something that will make me feel good and busy. I was thinking of karaoke but today, retail therapy is the remedy (lol), like buying cigar humidor? Nope, it's only for my hubby.
Today, after work I already set up my mind not to go home straight but to go shopping, which I did.  I bought some clothing that was on stocktake clearance, it's cheap and I feel good when I'm on the shop, it really had made my day.  Going to the shop doesn't mean I'll spend lots but sometimes I'll make sure my pocket won't get hurt if I go home so I'll just buy those that are on sale.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Level 147 completed

Just a while I was just blogging about my feelings or frustration about level 147 of candy crush, now I've finally succeeded to pass the challenge of this level.  It feels awesome knowing for how many days or a week or more of struggling to complete and pass the game I at last made it.  After reading the tips and tricks, video I've checked online, it was very helpful. 

Anyway, here is how to save on ampeg amp, just click the highlighted link and check it out.  Now, it's time to focus on something else and have a break on playing candy crush, till tomorrow again maybe. hehe Oh it's movie bonding time with my hubby soon.

Have a great evening everyone.

Side track

If he is thoughtful, he can also be forgetful.  Today, I've reminded him to paint the wooden gladwrap and aluminium foil holder but he forgot.  He was side track to something I guess it's computer.  Hmmm that's ok there still tomorrow, he did lots of house stuff yesterday so I won't complain.

I'm  just being funny here, I think the only thing he won't forget is his cigarette, he can give the highest cigar rating if he will be asked to rate. hehe  He was always annoyed if I'd picked him on that matter, but he knows I'm good on joking and understand my sarcasm side.  I think that's makes our relationship more alive and stronger with our little bit of this and little bit of that.


It's public holiday tomorrow. Today, after finish work I rush a few things at supermarket knowing it's close tomorrow.

When I've arrived home, I've spotted that rice cooker was on a cooking mode.  I wonder why, I then ask my hubby "if he puts the left over rice to make it warm" instead he just replied "I'm cooking rice for you" just the thought of him that everytime I came from work I always tell him I'm starving and sometimes rice is the remedy for my hunger.hehe  How sweet and thoughtful of him, he also ask me if I buy powder detergent for laundry, which I've forgotten so the dirty clothes was pending.  So we rush to the supermarket before it closes to buy them, so that we can wash the clothes and not waste the day of no work tomorrow.

Now, I'm cooking fish and veggies for dinner, while waiting of them I was sitting on kitchen bar stool browsing online which shop are open tomorrow and also reading about immigration lawyers in los angeles, an interesting read I had.
Soon, dinner is ready, a healthy food tonight, a happy me so as my tummy.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


One of the house upgrades on our to do list later on was the house fence, how I wish we can have or install like the wireless electric fence.  Every time we drove passed a house with the fence like the photos below, hubby and I always tell each other how we wish to have this kind of fence if we have our own house we will have that kind of fence with a sliding gate.

But as we inquire and get a quote for this kind of fence, they're a bit expensive and I think for the existing old house we bought it's not suitable or I may say our pocket is not suitable (lol) but we still liking it and maybe takes a while until we can afford it.  For now if we can't have it we have second option to have this kind of fence showing on the photo below with no post but just the aluminium grills will be affordable for us incase we will change the old fence.
I hope we will not carried away on spending and buying sothat we will not get broke(lol). Taking things slowly but surely was our good plan.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hobbies at home

After everything has been set and done our household needs at home, hubby and I bonding time are watching movies and sometimes watching some interesting video clips online,  sitting at the backyard and day dreaming under the sunlight or moonlight at night are romantic.
We also have our private time without disturbing each other. 

His private time are going to the shed some tools and handy man stuff, watching YouTube music and video clips, reading documentary stuff on internet and now he is browsing for tooling componentsthe site I've recommended for him to look at some different kinds and interesting tools.
While myself, I often use the internet to keep in touch online with my family and friends, watching Filipino tv shows online, playing online games and blogging.
How about you guys? Of course you all do have hobbies.  Is there something different you do at home on your spare time?  I guess it will be more fun and interesting too....

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Search Is Over

Finally, it lasted only for more than a month. Last night we already signed a contract for buying a house, it was not the house and land package that we are trying to pursue from the first place but an existing house that is quite good, affordable and a very convenient location just around the neighbourhood where we live now.  The only need is to finalize the contract and the processing of the financial institution for the home loan.  If everything will go smoothly between two parties and the bank, yaaaay I'm so excited to have a so called our "own house". I will now have a rest from house shopping that gives me headache, everytime we like a property and it's already sold hehe, but it's worth the waste of time and searching, it's a fun experience going for house inspection.

The next plan after all are being settled is moving out and transfer to the new house.  I can't wait for that day to come but I'm not looking forward in the process of moving out, packing all the stuff, cleaning up and feeling sad leaving the house. Lucky we don't have much of our own while we are renting as we know one day if you will move out lots of things to be moved. But, we really do need to get a rental cars to help us transfer the bulky and heavy stuff that we needed, like the beddings, appliances, clothes and etc.

I hope everything will be alright and thanks God for guiding us and putting us in the right location where we wanted to be.  May you bless our new home to be with love, happiness, peace and harmony through out our whole life.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Unsucessful Offer

How excited I am and looking forward to have our first brand new house. We already been to furniture shops and browse the possible furniture and decors to put inside the house, a boat cushion foam for outdoor chairs catch my eye and looks interesting.  The entertainment lounges was one of the choices for the theatre room.  But if we don't get the house we need to change our plan and see what we get later on.
Hubby and I finally decided to make an offer to a brand new house and land package  that we have inspected among other houses.  It was already built, standing and all you need to do is to move in and not a long wait compare to other H&L package that it needs to be constructed for 6 months or more.  But unfortunately our offer was denied in the last minute when suddenly the house owner increase the price of the property. They reduced it before knowing that no one make an offer because it's a high demand which stays in the market for how many weeks already but just  a sudden they increase it back again which I guess other home buyers were also surprised about it.  We only rely to the maximum amount of property that we can afford so we aren't able to get the property when the owner increase the price and we can't make a higher offer.  I don't know what's their aim of the sudden increase but of course to make more money.
I just hope they will sell it sooner but to think about that it's on the market for a few weeks while it was reduced and still there until now.  Hmmm all I wish is good luck in selling and also good luck to us that one day we will get the house that we're meant for us, it may not be brand new house but as long as it will become a happy house for us that's the main thing.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Block

Yesterday, hubby and I went for the second time to inspect the house which he thinks has the potential to become our own house.  He was the one who has seen it before and told me it's a big block of land and the floor plan of the house was quiet good but it needs renovation only like changing carpet, renovation of kitchen and bathroom also painting the the walls.  The land was almost 800sqm and for the price is like a bargain. 
The floor plan of the house was really the ideal plan that we like, big size bedrooms and lounge, separate dining and kitchen, with family room too and huge backyard.  It's only the matter if we are happy to renovate and can temporarily live there while it's not fully furnished.  I think I can live with it for the meantime while sooner we will be renovating the interior and maybe get some ready made design of kitchen and bathroom. 
Today, hubby and I will deeply think if we will get the house to make sure we will not regret what decision we will make in the future.  I hope no one will make an offer yet.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Samsung galaxy III

Today was my day off.  I was a bit bored just staying at home after little bit of cleaning and it seems like I don't know what to do for the rest of afternoon after I became tired of searching the property.  I've decided to go out and wander to the nearest shopping center by just randomly browsing the interesting shops I've passed along.
I get inside the mobile shop of my network provider just to inquire when will be the end of my contract and what's the earliest time I can renew or upgrade to get a new phone or plan being an existing customer.  I was told that I'm just 5 days left to upgrade a phone but the sales assistant told me he will call center service if ever they can waive the few days left of my contract.  I've said I'm not in a rush to upgrade but with his convincing power and offering a nice contract with the upgrade I was tempted. I don't know how to decide because it's on the spot again of another 2 years commitment on contract but knowing my HTC Desire HD battery has causing me trouble for a while I've decided to bite the offer today.
I don't know which phone to choose, I only need to pick Iphone 5 or Samsung galaxy III. I ring my husband which one he prefers between the two and he said the Samsung III was his bet. Now, I finally I've got it with free screen protector and 50 percent discount for the phone cover, plus the cancellation of my existing outright payment was great.  Over all I'm very satisfied with the help of sales consultant.

House Hunting

Aside from work that keeps me busy, lately I have other stuff that makes me more than busier than the usual.  The house hunting and searching online of property that consume most of my spare time at home and even while break time at work just calling some agents.  I didn't realize it will chew up more time and sometimes it gives me headache and stress too, not that I'm complaining but it's never ending search until you get the ideal house you like or even it's a simple one that is accessible, affordable and convenient location to everything, especially a short distance from work is a bonus.
Everytime I will inquire the prospective property that we decide to commit, it's just unfornate that it was already sold or under contract. It's not like shopping the best guitars online, easy to find and mostly are all available with many choices to pick.  What annoys me is when I inquire and I was told that it's already sold for a while but it was still showing up in the searches.  But well, I know one day it won't be very long that we can really settle up to a house that is somehow what we really wanted and is convenient to all.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cool change

Today and yesterday was a fine day, it's not very hot and a cool night, unlike the past couple of days temperature it reaches 40 degrees and the coming weekend forecast is a hot day again.  I'm not looking forward on it, but how lucky I am to work in a cool place. I'm only worrying maybe I can't play or cuddle again with my yoga blanket in the night? opps I've meant my sleeping blanket hehe.  I'm so dependent on my blanket, I feel different and naked if I'm not covered with it (lol). Sometimes I don't mind to put it over me even it's hot but if it's really stinking hot day, hmmm forget about the blanket.
I'm just hoping for a weather balance in a week during summer, not a very, very hot day everyday but a cool change is great.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Projects

Everytime I went for a holiday, I always try to make things worthwhile and memorable especially the happiness of my parents.  Like last new year vacation, due to some extra savings I've made some improvement in our house or accomplinish the unfinish project that was in the to-do-list.  The ceiling was already painted, put moulding frame on the window also additional was I've bought them a flat screen tv with tv mount stand.  There is still some projects left undone but maybe next time, only step by step completion because the finances and budget are bit tight these days.
Aside from projects, my family spent a lot of time together, I also had a catch up with some friends and also visit some tourist Island was great. 
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