Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I was doing something online and was side tracked to browsing an online shop.  I didn't realize that it was on gadget and technical stuff they were selling.  I was looking into a photo which I can't figure out what it was, it says a firewire or a  splendid presonus firestudio hehe, I literally understand it was for fire as in burning fire/firestation (lol), as I was reading it was about  audio device or an upgrade to computer.

If it makes me confuse, I just read what the product description and if I don't fully understand I always ask my hubby's help and explanation especially if it's about technical concern or computer issues. Sometimes, it's good to know and learn some stuff, I think it's not bad to ask someone for help and understanding not only to know what kind of gadgets or technical matter or  any product that we don't know but about different things and situation that we may encounter in our lives.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Faulty Battery

My laptop has a battery problem and it always over heat, I don't know how it became like this.  Even the hard disk was affected or I guess a coincidence that it also trying to slow down.  My hubby already fixes it and change a new one that has a speed up xp program that runs faster compare to the old one. 
I really need to replace the battery sooner or one day get a new laptop.  The laptop is still working with the battery charged all the time.  If it's not charge, the laptop is not working or shutdown automatically. I don't really have much knowledge or expertise on technical problem that's why it's hard for me to figure out the error. So now, I don't really know how long is the lifetime of the battery until it's totally dead.
The lesson I've learned is that I won't always charge the battery when it's not really empty, maybe it's one cause why it's having trouble.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleep tight

Last night, I was doing blogging, reading about yoga exercise and was browsing the yoga accessories on shop manduka online, I don't how I bump about yoga stuff, as always maybe just browsing randomly of anything and that was it.
I know early evening last night, I had a bit of headache and had took a panadol as remedy for the pain.  Just I realize in the morning that I was unconsiously fall asleep when I notice that the laptop was on my bedside. It means I was that so tired to have fallen asleep without knowing I didn't put away the laptop. I even forgot what's the last thing I'm doing online, I like if it always happen that way, I don't need to command myself to go to sleep, instead my body and brain are both willing to rest without my consciousness.
Indeed, I'm happy to have a continous and long hours sleep last night. So thankful to God for restoring my body from tirediness and giving me a peaceful and good night sleep.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Yesterday while at work I felt something different, so bothered and not feeling well which I don’t think I can finish the rest of my shift for the day.  I ask permission to go home and I was allowed to go, it was good. 

When I came home I ate lots, after that I had a good nap which is satisfying and feels good.  I wish I’m not on my depressing mood in this stage.  The rest of the afternoon I spent myself on some house chores like cleaning the toilet, bathroom and jetted clawfoot tub  that we're not using in ages and sometimes dust are around when it was not cleaned. It was a great achievement thinking I'm not feeling well in the early hours.

At night I’ve watch the taken 2 movie and it was an excellent film.
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