Friday, September 28, 2012

Gold Class Accommodation

Showing on tv just now was Taken 1, one of the favourite movies my hubby and I had watched on blu-ray a few times.  Tonight we are still watching again and again even the advertisement is a bit disturbing,even we can play it again on blu-ray if we want to.  It’s just we are excited with the coming up of Taken 2 movie on cinema next week and suppose to be we have free tickets to watch on Wednesday.  But as I’ve told my hubby which seat we will reserve, he suddenly said we don’t need to watch on vmax, “I don’t like there” that was his comments, he is not picky isn’t he?(hehe) He just like the comfy accommodation of gold class since we first watch the Expendables 2 and he'd experienced how beautiful to watch there. He don’t mind paying as long as he feels comfortable and not so crowded especially it’s the first screening of the movie.  I don’t mind either as it’s really comfy to sit in the lounge chair with a table in between for a snack while watching and I like the romantic atmosphere of the theater house ‘as in romantic’? as if we were dating only hahahaha, gotta laugh on it.
Anyway, so instead we will watch on Wednesday, we will postpone and resume it on next next week to avail theTuesday Gold class accommodation which is a bit cheaper hehe, we're counting our budget for our entertainment hehe, so now instead of buying a rolling makeup case, Taken 2 movie on gold class accommodation is our priority.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

God Is Good

This year has been many ups and downs in my life but no matter what I’m so thankful for all the blessings and challenges that I’ve encountered as the days gone by. God is good all the time,  He never forsake me but strengthen and enlighten my mind and heart especially when I’m almost going to give up.  He always , listen to my prayers, watching, guiding my path and create solution to my problem. Which is now I became tough, strong, understanding, mature, happy and independent to face and experience the challenges, achievements and opportunities that comes my way.

Now, I’m contented on everything…I may not be granted on something I’m really wishing to have but instead of being sad, I just twist my feelings to positive mood and think there is a right time.  I’m just thanking and appreciating of what’s given for me now and will just patiently waiting for some surprises in the future.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ceremony and Celebration

Due to hectic schedule at work during day time in most of the week, I can only engage in social activities on night time.  Yesterday was my citizenship ceremony and it was a good timing that my ceremony to become an Australian citizen was held on the evening too, so no hassle to my working hours.

Tonight as given the chance to celebrate my accomplishment being a citizen of this country, I hope to share it  supposedly with family and friends but my family is apart and my hubby don’t have a big one. No very close friends either if there is one or two all are busy.  So we decided to both treat ourselves and experience for the first time to a gold class movie accommodation in the cinema.  We really like the romantic and comfortable atmosphere of the cinema settings and of course watching the movie that we like on big screen especially listening the noisy and loud sound effects of the movie is fantastic, it like allen & heath audio sounds.

We really had a beautiful night and I’m glad to experience the gold class movie session.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swollen Face

Yesterday was not a very good day for me, unexpectedly I was attacked by the worst allergy feeling I haven’t felt for a year or two.  If allergy triggers on my body sometimes it’s only tiny spots on my neck but yesterday at my workplace, I can feel some heat and itchiness on my body.  I knew and I can feel it’s already swollen so I rush  to the toilet and check. Waaah by looking at the mirror, my face and neck were all swollen  red.  Isn’t a good thing, I look like a smashed meat all red and swollen (lol).  I’m not happy, I became weak because of super itchy feeling. It’s good our manager gave me a strong anti-histamine pill and it really helps and the best remedy ever I guess the itchiness was disappeared like 15 mins only. I feel like going home that time but I thought 2 hours more to go and I’m finish so I put up with the weak feeling for not too long.

I went to bed early that evening, I was tired and weak, also feel a tiny bit of back ache maybe I was not used of lifting heavy always, it would be nice if I have a back braces support to help aches and pains. I woke up in the morning and all back to normal I had a long and peaceful sleep from last night.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rainy Day on Thursday

Today, I went for my car service appointment in the morning, suppose it was still cozy to stay in bed but I need to wake up and do the thing that needs to be done. I’m the first client and it’s good to be look after first.  I don’t know how long it may take and it depends on the car condition, but lucky all were fine, only one thing they’re not able to do was the car wash.  I don’t know what happen but they just give me complimentary car wash voucher and I’ll come back next time, it’s raining as well so I don’t mind if it was not done today.

After my appointment, I went to the shop to buy a wrestling mat tape to use and wrap around the box that I slowly fill with presents when I’m going for a holiday.  Also after doing those stuff I don’t feel like going home, I was thinking to go somewhere like window shopping to avoid myself from boredom and worrying when I’m home alone. Sometimes if I don't make myself busy, I tend to think weird (like crazy lol) and issues that I don't need to worry about (a deep thinker) So there, I sms my friend who is working in the city and lucky she was there and just on time to finish her work when I’m coming.  We ate lunch together and treat ourselves on shopping.yaaaay

I had a lovely day, it’s raining but we’d enjoyed walking while hopping from one shop to another.
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