Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ready to fly

It was couple months ago since I've decided to go for a New years holiday in the Philippines.  I'd had my leave request approved straight away and  a month ago my husband's request was still left unheard due to decision making if he will be allowed or not as they have restriction to have a holiday especially on Christmas week working on retail business. I start to become impatient knowing that the fare of ticket keep on increasing every now and then. And I don't like to wait that long if I know in the end that it was disapproved, because we also have doubts about the outcome of the decision.

It was only yesterday when my hubby's annual leave was approved, the most awaiting news I'm looking forward sothat I can book and buy a ticket in advance.  Thanks God, he heard my prayers that we will be all complete to get together on our holiday with all my family for many years have passed. I was so happy that all goes very well according to plan and I can't wait to celebrate the occasion with family, relatives and friends.

It's far enough to think of Christmas but for me it feels like it's getting so near. I'm ready to fly and be with all of them.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blurry Eyes

I’d just finished ironing my work uniforms and I had noticed that the colour starts fading like looking old due to wear and tear or maybe my eyes are a bit blurry tonight.  Now, another expense to add up if I need to get a new one hehe, hmm I think it will last for a while. Is there anyone can give me a discount uniforms for sale out there (hahaha) I’m just making fun of myself, I think I need to go to the shop of haggle haggle.  I’m just paranoid at the moment with a lot of things that is going on. My uniform is still ok when I've checked it on the bright light and they don’t look very old yet.  All is good will last for many years.(lol)

A life without Internet

Hmmmm, two days ago while I was on my day off and didn’t do much at all. I was imagining what I’m going to do aside from browsing and watching series online.  I was thinking what if the power shut down or internet was not invented what will I do? I’m not fond of reading books as it takes ages for me to finish, maybe if there are free audio books I won’t mind (hehe).

I then begin to recall what I’ve done before when internet was not created yet.    Way back home, on most of my spare time, I like to play volleyball as well as table tennis too, that's during my highschool times. Sometimes if I want to stay home I just do cross stitching, I get hooked up with it and stay late at night.  Also going out with friends for movie and watching live bands was fun, and the best thing is you can chitchat with your neighbours anytime you like, very convenient so I can see life there is more active, I think.
Now, my life in Adelaide is just simple, sometimes can be a little bit boring and home sick feeling because I’m away from my family and close friends that I grow up with. Here, I was lucky and grateful to meet a couple of fun and real friends that sometimes I’ve caught up on some occasions.
 And what is important is I can manage myself to adjust and divert my boredom into something worthwhile, interesting and engaged to activities that I will enjoy and make my life happy.  

May I ask you, what you do before when internet was not created?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well done and keep it up

It’s unusual for me to see my hubby doing house chores especially in cleaning.  As we know that man always need to be told when it comes to household chores or some can't be bothered on helping. Am I right or wrong? How's your man in the house?

If I’m able to do everything I don’t really want him to do chores, he will be spoiled on that and I bet your man too.  But if I’m not able and not well enough to do things or  if it’s his day off and I’m working, I give him home work to do "this and that inside the house". Division of house chores is well practice here. It’s good his doing well on chores and sometimes he can clean better than what I did.

When I came home last night, I saw him cleaning the kitchen mess and gas stove dirt without my command is different, my tirediness from long day at work seems like fading away with his gestures. I was surprised and I can feel the love from him if he does it with his own will, I guess because he knows I have a long day at work and not feeling better when I woke up in that morning but still went to work.   I love his thoughtfulness and concern, its better than spending all his spare time on the shed fiddling with saw blade sharpening or any other manly tools he can play with. 
I wish he will think like this everytime, i will be always proud of him, well done, keep it up hubby.

Waiting and Counting

It’s still a few months after the day will come when I’m going to spend maybe Christmas or to be sure a New Years day with my whole family.  I can’t stop thinking about it each day since I’ve decided to finalise my holiday plan. It’s been 5 years since my parents; brothers and sister haven’t reunited all together on this big family celebration.  How I’ve missed those years when we were all complete and had lots of fun moments.
This year must be a wonderful moment and experience, I’m now looking forward how my parents will feel when this day come. I want to see them happy, also on my side will be the best feeling, I will now feel the spirit and magic of this season I haven't had for so long.  It’s early to talk about Christmas but I’m so excited to celebrate with my family and seeing white christmas lights with white wire   and beautiful Chrsitmas tree decoration everywhere. I'd love to show and let my husband experience how to play fire crackers and being with my whole relatives and friends would be fantastic for us.

I can't wait for this day to come.
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