Sunday, June 24, 2012

Christening my Helmet

Last week was my birthday but a few days before hubby took me somewhere, it’s on motor shop.  I was surprised when he bought me a bike helmet, like Arai XD4 type.  It’s been ages since I want one sothat I can go with him when he’s riding the scooter.  But that day, I’m very clueless he already wants me to have a ride by my own on his scooter, so happy I am when he permits me to ride. 

Today, after I had finished work, he is waiting in the front of the house with my helmet ready to be worn by me.  I was tired but I can’t ruin his excitement to drive me around the block and after me testing to drive alone.  It’s fun, I felt like I’m just in my homeland riding on scooter.  For the first time in a few years I haven’t ridden his scooter and I don’t know how it feels like.  But today I’ve christened my helmet by riding the scooter.  It has made my day and I bet I’ll be doing it every now and then or often if I’ll get used of it.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Together Again

Yaaay finally I was granted the permission to have a holiday. It won’t happen soon but later on.  I was just thinking to be the first one to ask before everyone was planning to go for a holiday on the same month as I am. I’m happy I’ve got the holiday season I really wanted, I’m so excited and looking forward to it. I hope my sister’s vacation will be approved on the same date as mine. If not, we will make an alternate plan in regards to her work issues, if she will renew the contract or we could plan or think that she might stay in our home town. If like that we could inquire the food cart for sale business to put up or she will help the small family business we have. We’ll see how things will go later on.
I just really like that this 2012 Christmas or new year we will all be together again for once in a long years with my parents, brothers and sister. I hope everything will flow according to our plan and we can gather together this end of the year.

Brighton Sunset

Today is a good day. I went to work in the morning and it’s good I’d finish in the mid-afternoon only.  I still have time to hang out for a few hours before the evening starts.  I went to Brighton beach to take the sunset photos, it’s been a month or two I haven’t been there and I’d noticed there were newly built houses in front of the beach, they’re beautiful and a nice location to live by especially it’s viewing the beautiful ocean. Also there are some developments on the foot path, it was expanded or I may say roadwork is ahead, not so disturbing on traffic because it’s weekend and there's no people working and no operation of jib crane along the way.

I’d parked somewhere that has a nice view of the sea and the jetty bridge. The sunset was all covered by nimbus clouds, it’s massive. I can't hardly see the sunset but only the sun rays behind the clouds. It was supposed a wonderful moment, until I pull out my camera and start taking photos.  I forgot the camera has low battery from the last time I’ve used, I just did 2 shots till the power was totally off ggrrrrrr…Lucky my phone was the rescuer, it’s also lowbatt (hehe) but still it does the job and was able to take some photos, until I’ve had enough photos I go back home to have to feed my little tummy.  It's now happy and now just relaxing.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and spend quality time with your family and friends.

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