Sunday, May 27, 2012

Church Birthday

Today, I woke up early to take my friend to Adelaide Airport, we had our breakfast there and I've waited until she had her boarding inside the airplane. From the airport, I drove straight to church at  my nearby place. The church was full compare to other Sundays; I’d realized it’s the 60th birthday of St. Bernadette parish church seeing all the writing and beautiful decorations of the church altar.

The mass had started and it’s very lively with the cooperation and intermission of children or student of St. Bernadette Catholic School.  I also like the parish priest in this church, he is very good in sharing the gospel and today’s homily was about Holy Spirit.  It’s really amazing how it works in each of us and how it touches the life of all people. I’m spirit filled today, I hope I will live my life the fruits of the Holy Spirit and I may work hard to share it to others lives too.

It was a beautiful mass I’ve attended today and before it will end the priest thanks to everyone. And I guess after the mass he gives the staff a complimentary teacher flowers for the good service and teaching children at school.

Children Intermission dance

Blowing and slicing the cake for the church birthday

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Changes in my Life

It’s been a couple of months, the constant changes in my life, a challenging and exciting experience I may say. Though sometimes there are some dark pathways I’ve passed through, I know in the end there would be a brighter and clear path to my journey.
Life is very thrilling. It's testing our patience and personality in dealing every situation that you may encounter.  I’m on a challenge now and what I need is like a workholding to hold me tight in order not to fall down.  I’ve made it and I’m very strong to hold on when I’m almost falling.
Now thankful to God who look up on me and for the people around me who lighten up my day and put smile on my face.

Friday, May 4, 2012

One on One

I feel happy and so loved today.  I got a text message from my mom, who is worrying why I haven’t called them for just a month only.  She is not contented with my text messages maybe, hehe I think it’s a mother instinct sometimes, her heartbeat tells what their children’s where feeling and what situation they are for example.  I can really prove it because since I’m away from my parents or even I’m still on our country she is really a very thoughtful mom. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, every time I’m feeling blue or in bad situation or in trouble, suddenly that moment my mom appears her presence on text messages or a phone call. If she’s just present personally on my side especially if in my darkest day, it would feel very good to share a hug with her. “telling you’ll be alright dear” But I chose a life to be apart from them so I’ll put up with it.(sigh)

Anyway I’m getting emotional now (lol)  I ring my mom to make her not worry about me and so that she can hear my laughs and giggles on the phone as what we used to do everytime we are talking, even sometimes we talk some problems but always it end up to joking and laughing all the way. I had a one on one talk with her, regarding personal matter. I’ve told her I’m fine and moving forward to another challenges in my life. I’m strong, I’m a fighter and I can survive the life that is like a water fountain you won't notice the up and downs flows of water cycle.
I felt relieve and less burden that despite everything it’s only your mom makes you comfortable and at ease to talk with. Now I have my families prayer, my mom’s blessing to do what ever that makes me happy and the plan I may take in the future.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here Comes the Rain

Today, before going home from work I make sure the rain had stopped. I’ve been driving on my way home not worrying about the distractions of rain in the road and flow of traffic is just normal.  But unexpectedly, I just got home and a second I’m parked in front the house suddenly the rain pours so heavy that it’s impossible for me to get out of the car. I still have a few meters walk to get inside the house passing through the backyard. I can see some paddle of water in the yard looking at the hydraulic hose floating like there is flood already.

I think I was inside the car for 20 minutesm just lucky to have mobile internet connection that entertains me while waiting the rain to slow down,  plus listening to my favourite songs playing randomly makes me comfortable and at ease even it’s a while waiting.

Stayed back

I’ve finished my work at 1pm today, it’s a bit early yet so I decided not to go home. I’ve stayed at the staff room to get along with the workmates that was on lunch break. I enjoy eating grapes that was shared to me by my workmate.  It’s delicious and I end up buying in the store before I went home. One topic was the up coming mother’s day celebration very soon.  Others were asking suggestions what would be the nice present to give or creative stuff to make for their mothers. They should look up on how to bake or order decorated cookies at Shari’s Berries website. I think it’s a good idea and they might find it interesting to do.
I had my fun spending my short time with work mates just exchanging random conversation, then I go home after the heavy rain had passed by.

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