Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gorgeous Isabella

Isabella, she is only more than 4 months old, so adorable and gorgeous baby of my hubby's friend. I had a catch up with her mum a couple weeks ago at the mall. She was with me in the pram for half an hour  I think wondering around the mall while her mum is on the hairdresser for a haircut. She was quiet and not crying while on my company that moment. I've enjoyed her cute smiles, yawning moment and giggles for a short while, love cuddling her.

Please visit and look at the challengers photo on Thursday Challenge

Traditional BBQ & Drink on OZ Day

What everyone is doing on Australia Day? I bet most are ready preparing a get together of traditional bbq and lots of drink party, kids must be excited to swim in the pool. Precautions to the parents please make sure there is safety pool fence if there is none keep an eye on your kids to avoid accidents.

I wish I can go to the bay with friends and swim but there is another activity to do in the afternoon for Australia day event too. I’ll just concentrate on that one and enjoy together with the crowd in the late afternoon until evening with live music and bands, fireworks and more entertainments.

I’m not citizen of Australia but happy to settle my life here. Next year might be turn to be a citizen and officially proclaim as one, can’t wait for that. Let’s have fun and enjoy the freedom in this country, 

Happy Australia Day again, cheers to everyone…

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Health is Wealth

It’s like two weeks ago that I'm worried about my health, especially with my skin irritation and allergic reaction.  Last week, I call sick at work because I’m not feeling well both my ears has a swollen red lump. I was wondering what it was because it’s very unusual lump to grow there, I can feel the aches and soreness.  I went to the doctor for check up what’s happening to my ear. I thought something is going on, lucky the doctor says it’s only a pimple and a gland due to my face irritation as well.  Hmmm sometimes I don’t really like going to the clinic for medical help and sometimes understanding about medical issues hehe.  It’s good nothing much serious , I can still feel a tiny bit of lump but the swelling and soreness were gone in a couple of days only by justtaking antibiotics.

Now, all is good. I hope I'll be in good condition and health wise always. There is  nothing I ask special but a good health, as the saying "Health is Wealth".

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Busy Life

Sometimes life can be so busy, especially those parents works full-time but still manage to take care the kids after work and the household chores. Hmmm, it's tough but that's life, it's how we make it and handle the situation.

Just like me, I had two jobs sometimes I don't have much hours but when occasion comes like Easter and Christmas I'm so exhausted. My schedule was so hectic, sometimes most days I've done 12 hours, long day at work. Hubby and I sometimes just buy takeaway food for dinner, if I'll cook at home, I can't be bother to wash the dishes hehehe, tired and lazy lol.  It takes 3-4 days sometimes that I can't wash dishes so the plates and cutlery are building up, one day we maybe need to buy bosch dishwashers for convenience that sounds good to me. 

Anyway even life is a bit harder sometimes I'm still lucky for all the blessings and  great opportunities that comes in the moment which I badly needed them. That's why live life to the fullest, don't complain, everything will be alright.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


My friend son’s were addicted in playing xbox games.  Sometimes if they get naughty and don’t want to be told off by their mother, she bribe them not to play or turn of the games.  If I visit their house I can also witness how good they play the game but sometimes the boys can’t read the instruction so they let me teach them what to do. But by just controlling the remote they were expert on it.

That’s why some days we have some freebies at work and all been put away on the staff room to be taken home.  I choose the xbox video games with me, not for me to play but to give to my friend sothat she won’t buy xbox games and save some dollars for in buying.

She was happy when I gave to her the xbox games together with caravan camping travel guide video for her husband reference when they travel in the country side.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


It’s been a month or two I haven’t catch up with my mother-in-law due to my busy and long hours shift at work. It's like I've missed her a bit for the period of time I haven’t seen her and heard her voice. 

During Christmas it’s our tradition of my hubby to celebrate at his mum’s house.  We celebrate the Christmas lunch there, it was a wonderful day to gather and catch up a good chat for the many days we haven't seen her. We had a beautiful lunch and as always I love the dessert she’d made for us.  While having a mixed conversation I did mention to MIL that my tooth filling was broken and I was not happy as it was done six months ago only. My MIL advice and recommend me to visit her dentist, telling me how amazing and great the Dentist Jobs that was done to her tooth and to every patient. It’s very inspiring and gives me motivation to change my dentist to her dentist, might do that.

Sometimes, it’s really nice to have a great interaction and to share thoughts and opinion to someone, you might not follow them but it’s nice to listen and learn from everyone’s experience.

Anyway we had a fantastic lunch, we’ve got a bbq grill cover and more chocolates from in-laws, and of course being with the family to celebrate the birth of Jesus was the spirit of the day.

Monday, January 2, 2012

NZ hotels for rugby games in Wellington and Christchurch

It’s New Year, a new life, a new beginning and a new start to plan what to do for a better life.  Do you have a new plan in the New Year? Maybe not yet or our minds are still occupy from the busy life before the new year.  But me I’ve already had a plan, how and when to spend my next holiday for the year. I won't tell you yet, surprise!!

But hey, I have a friend and their family who loves rugby sports, they might go to New Zealand which is not too far her in Australia. They're going to watch the rugby union games live from the arena, I’ve heard from him there is a cheaper New Zealand Hotels and accommodation for fans, that’s a great idea and an easy find where hotel to stay around Wellington and Christchurch. I can now imagine how fun would it and a nice short holiday treat for his family. Hope they will really make it this year.

I’ve seen a few photos and heard it’s a beautiful place from my friends who had their visit a ages ago. I haven’t seen a live sports game on arena like rugby, football and others, I wouldn’t mind to watch it live one day. It would be fun and exciting.

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