Friday, December 7, 2012

Two years ago

Two year ago, a friend of mine encourages me to blog online, she sent me some links of how to build web sites   and create my own domain name.  Of course, without much knowledge about blogging especially writing in my own word, ideas and experience in life, it makes me unmotivated to continue. But then as I was reading and following her blog site and the seeing lovely photos, makes me change my mind and keep up what I’ve started.  I’ve read a lot of things about the blog world and how to step by step follow the instruction of how to post, write blog of my own and a lot of things that bloggers need to learn. I’ve made it and was inspired by other bloggers, I became interested in photography, I learn to love and admire the beauty of nature by just taking photos of anything I find interesting and unusual.

Everyday, I’ve joined and participates the photo meme’s, where all bloggers around the world gathered and post their amazing photos with different subjects, that’s my best experience ever as being activate on the blogging world, but the downside is when I’ve got two jobs, I was so busy that I hardly build up my sites. 
Now, from time to time only I still update but not like before, I really wish I can maintain again even just weekly but I need to commit myself on that and I can’t promise now, maybe later on when I' organize my schedule. I hope some bloggers don’t forget me yet, how I’ve missed those busy times of mine when my week is not occupy by work. I only focus on blogging and go out doing some photography is one of the great relaxation.


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