Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Reconcillation

Today was the unexpected moment of meeting up a friend at Asian store.  As we know sometimes friends have misunderstanding and upsetting times and that's what happen to me and my good friend that I'm not expecting at all.  I didn't initiate the distance but it was her for some reason that it both benefits us for good.
It was 2:30pm as I've remembered, I decided to go to Asian store to send money knowing the dollar to peso rate suddenly increase today.  It's been a few months I don't go there or buy some filipino foods because it's out of my way and I don't send money there often because I've known a filipino near my workplace who is an Agent of Forex, but unfortunately she was on holiday. It's been a few months since the friendship has made a gap or no communication at all but Adelaide is only small city and I know one day our path will cross. Today was a big surprise to me and to her most especially. I totally didn't recognize her because she was facing back, I'm clueless and not recognize that it was her in the counter where I needed to be because she had tanned skin color. When she look back at me as maybe curious who is approaching beside her that's the moment that I was shocked and can't believe when suddenly it's my friends face in front of me and her as well same feelings I guess, an awkward feeling to both, she even don't know what to do or what to react, but me because I don't have any negative or hurt feelings against her I just greet her and suddenly ask straight away if she's upset and why she act like that way, that's my behavior I'd showed to her when we really close to each other because for me nothing change and I don't hate her for ignoring me after all.  It's good she responded very well with a good manner and everythings is ok after we sit down to have a coffee.  Nothing change the way we talk and we hear each other side of story and I respect her. We really amazed the coincidence in time and can't believe the unexpected event of meeting today.
Time heals and still friendship is back but maybe not that very, very close as before and no maintainance to do as friends. I understand as we both have our own lives to live and a family to look after as our priority. I'm just happy that it's not end of the year, we both unexpectedly meet each other, maybe Christmas is time for forgiving and loving and maybe God allows this to happen sothat we have peace of mind and there is explanation to hear on both sides, as what she is saying as well and it's good to hear she don't hold grudges against me.


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