Friday, December 14, 2012


Last two nights ago due to super hot weather, my hubby think of pumping the airbed and says we may possibly sleep on the lounge as he can’t bear the hotness and he may have difficulty to fall asleep. We only have ceiling fan on the bedroom which can’t keep us cool and the air condition is on the lounge so we had decided to sleep there.

 Having an airbed is so useful, only portable to carry and no hassle to put away anywhere just like med carts   it’s also movable and transferrable to any place but I think can only be used within the medical centre.
The airbed was just kept for so long and was not used since we bought it a few years ago. When summer comes and of course there is a day that it’s really stinking hot, I always convince my hubby to pump the airbed but he can’t be bothered at all. I don’t know what makes him do it this year that really surprised me when he suddenly mentioned to me that "we might be sleeping on the lounge". I felt like we are on a camping on the first night we’ve slept. I felt so unusual but the good thing is I had a nice sleep because we are in the lounge area and I've enjoyed the coolness of A/C.  I’ve asked my hubby if he sleep well but he responded “only average”, at least he is comfortable and not sweating while asleep.




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