Friday, November 23, 2012

Unannounced visit

I came home last night from late night shopping and notice the car of my hubby's friend in front of the house. In my mind just saying "he was here again this late"  knowing his friend coming at home without notice or no appointment to visit which is ok to me but sometimes can be annoying if we have our own plans on that night. They were on the backyard chatting and fiddling with something, I guess playing with gadgets or electronic toys as always.  I put away my stuff and join their company for a short time, my hubby's friend has a new phone and as well show to us his new headphone from excellent american audio at Musicians friend store if I'm not wrong or it's just similar image maybe.  It's really cool and had fantastic quality of sound when I've tried to listen the music from his phone.
Anyway, after the short moment being with the boys and getting bored listening all about gadgets and electronics, hehe.  I went inside the house and watch my pinoy series online. 


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