Thursday, November 22, 2012

Road works in our street

It’s been a month since there is road works in our street, sometimes it’s a bit inconvenient and annoying that you need to detour somewhere on the other block but if I think of the positive result when the road is finish I became patient and understanding about the hassle it has caused to the car drivers.
Lucky I had a morning shift at work most of the week, so I can’t hear the drilling and noises of the equipment when it's operating. Today is my day off, I woke up hearing some noises and from our window I’ve seen a couple of man wearing Carhartt flame resistant jacket, they must be the road workers. Until I realize they’re already working on the street in front of our house, seeing the trucks and some equipments.
It would be great when the road works end very soon and would love to drive on the new, smooth and wide street later on.


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