Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleep tight

Last night, I was doing blogging, reading about yoga exercise and was browsing the yoga accessories on shop manduka online, I don't how I bump about yoga stuff, as always maybe just browsing randomly of anything and that was it.
I know early evening last night, I had a bit of headache and had took a panadol as remedy for the pain.  Just I realize in the morning that I was unconsiously fall asleep when I notice that the laptop was on my bedside. It means I was that so tired to have fallen asleep without knowing I didn't put away the laptop. I even forgot what's the last thing I'm doing online, I like if it always happen that way, I don't need to command myself to go to sleep, instead my body and brain are both willing to rest without my consciousness.
Indeed, I'm happy to have a continous and long hours sleep last night. So thankful to God for restoring my body from tirediness and giving me a peaceful and good night sleep.


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