Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I was doing something online and was side tracked to browsing an online shop.  I didn't realize that it was on gadget and technical stuff they were selling.  I was looking into a photo which I can't figure out what it was, it says a firewire or a  splendid presonus firestudio hehe, I literally understand it was for fire as in burning fire/firestation (lol), as I was reading it was about  audio device or an upgrade to computer.

If it makes me confuse, I just read what the product description and if I don't fully understand I always ask my hubby's help and explanation especially if it's about technical concern or computer issues. Sometimes, it's good to know and learn some stuff, I think it's not bad to ask someone for help and understanding not only to know what kind of gadgets or technical matter or  any product that we don't know but about different things and situation that we may encounter in our lives.


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