Friday, September 28, 2012

Gold Class Accommodation

Showing on tv just now was Taken 1, one of the favourite movies my hubby and I had watched on blu-ray a few times.  Tonight we are still watching again and again even the advertisement is a bit disturbing,even we can play it again on blu-ray if we want to.  It’s just we are excited with the coming up of Taken 2 movie on cinema next week and suppose to be we have free tickets to watch on Wednesday.  But as I’ve told my hubby which seat we will reserve, he suddenly said we don’t need to watch on vmax, “I don’t like there” that was his comments, he is not picky isn’t he?(hehe) He just like the comfy accommodation of gold class since we first watch the Expendables 2 and he'd experienced how beautiful to watch there. He don’t mind paying as long as he feels comfortable and not so crowded especially it’s the first screening of the movie.  I don’t mind either as it’s really comfy to sit in the lounge chair with a table in between for a snack while watching and I like the romantic atmosphere of the theater house ‘as in romantic’? as if we were dating only hahahaha, gotta laugh on it.
Anyway, so instead we will watch on Wednesday, we will postpone and resume it on next next week to avail theTuesday Gold class accommodation which is a bit cheaper hehe, we're counting our budget for our entertainment hehe, so now instead of buying a rolling makeup case, Taken 2 movie on gold class accommodation is our priority.


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