Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Watch Her

I have a girl friend who sometimes can be an impulse buyer. I can say that she admits it coz even she told me that. Also knowing her when we went out and I’ve experienced the day or other time we've caught up, instead of eating time only, we will include the shopping in the itinerary.hehe She likes to collect watches, the last time we've met for lunch, we browsed in jewellery shop and there she was tempted to buy a new watch again. That’s why when I thought of a present to give her on Christmas a couple years ago, I’ve given her a watch box. I think it’s already full of her watches collection. 

It was her birthday last Saturday, I reckon if I only can afford to give her bulova watch she can have it, but nooo…I'm just a poor person, I’ll leave it to her husband pocket hehe. I can only give a small token,it came from the heart and it's the thought that counts. I haven’t give to her yet but I hope she will like it, and I guess she will.


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