Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Car Talk

While waiting for the dinner to be served on Asian restaurant this evening, my hubby was peacefully reading and flicking the car magazine.  He then start talking that next weekend he will do the service and maintenance of his car.  He knew a little bit about mechanical issue so he doesn’t need to take the car to the auto shop for a service instead he can do it on his own.  That’s the advantage if you knew some things about car coz you can save few hundreds a year for the car service charges, besides guys like that kind of works.

His car needs some bits of maintenance and upgrades, the leather seat cover is fading so he was planning to get a new car fabric seat cover only or if he wants it remain leather, it's better to have a new one or if leather dyeing will cost cheaper it would be a fantastic remedy. It needs replacement of brake pads, change oil and engine tune-up. Sometimes I’m learning a little bit just by listening to him especially on car parts.hehe

Anyway, we had a yummy dinner, I was very full and feel sleepy after eating(lol).  But after dinner we had a quick spin and test drive his new Mini cooper company car around the city and from city a short drive up hill through the winding road of the windy point road was a good fun for the night.


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