Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well done and keep it up

It’s unusual for me to see my hubby doing house chores especially in cleaning.  As we know that man always need to be told when it comes to household chores or some can't be bothered on helping. Am I right or wrong? How's your man in the house?

If I’m able to do everything I don’t really want him to do chores, he will be spoiled on that and I bet your man too.  But if I’m not able and not well enough to do things or  if it’s his day off and I’m working, I give him home work to do "this and that inside the house". Division of house chores is well practice here. It’s good his doing well on chores and sometimes he can clean better than what I did.

When I came home last night, I saw him cleaning the kitchen mess and gas stove dirt without my command is different, my tirediness from long day at work seems like fading away with his gestures. I was surprised and I can feel the love from him if he does it with his own will, I guess because he knows I have a long day at work and not feeling better when I woke up in that morning but still went to work.   I love his thoughtfulness and concern, its better than spending all his spare time on the shed fiddling with saw blade sharpening or any other manly tools he can play with. 
I wish he will think like this everytime, i will be always proud of him, well done, keep it up hubby.


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