Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waiting and Counting

It’s still a few months after the day will come when I’m going to spend maybe Christmas or to be sure a New Years day with my whole family.  I can’t stop thinking about it each day since I’ve decided to finalise my holiday plan. It’s been 5 years since my parents; brothers and sister haven’t reunited all together on this big family celebration.  How I’ve missed those years when we were all complete and had lots of fun moments.
This year must be a wonderful moment and experience, I’m now looking forward how my parents will feel when this day come. I want to see them happy, also on my side will be the best feeling, I will now feel the spirit and magic of this season I haven't had for so long.  It’s early to talk about Christmas but I’m so excited to celebrate with my family and seeing white christmas lights with white wire   and beautiful Chrsitmas tree decoration everywhere. I'd love to show and let my husband experience how to play fire crackers and being with my whole relatives and friends would be fantastic for us.

I can't wait for this day to come.


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