Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ready to fly

It was couple months ago since I've decided to go for a New years holiday in the Philippines.  I'd had my leave request approved straight away and  a month ago my husband's request was still left unheard due to decision making if he will be allowed or not as they have restriction to have a holiday especially on Christmas week working on retail business. I start to become impatient knowing that the fare of ticket keep on increasing every now and then. And I don't like to wait that long if I know in the end that it was disapproved, because we also have doubts about the outcome of the decision.

It was only yesterday when my hubby's annual leave was approved, the most awaiting news I'm looking forward sothat I can book and buy a ticket in advance.  Thanks God, he heard my prayers that we will be all complete to get together on our holiday with all my family for many years have passed. I was so happy that all goes very well according to plan and I can't wait to celebrate the occasion with family, relatives and friends.

It's far enough to think of Christmas but for me it feels like it's getting so near. I'm ready to fly and be with all of them.


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