Sunday, July 15, 2012

A life without Internet

Hmmmm, two days ago while I was on my day off and didn’t do much at all. I was imagining what I’m going to do aside from browsing and watching series online.  I was thinking what if the power shut down or internet was not invented what will I do? I’m not fond of reading books as it takes ages for me to finish, maybe if there are free audio books I won’t mind (hehe).

I then begin to recall what I’ve done before when internet was not created yet.    Way back home, on most of my spare time, I like to play volleyball as well as table tennis too, that's during my highschool times. Sometimes if I want to stay home I just do cross stitching, I get hooked up with it and stay late at night.  Also going out with friends for movie and watching live bands was fun, and the best thing is you can chitchat with your neighbours anytime you like, very convenient so I can see life there is more active, I think.
Now, my life in Adelaide is just simple, sometimes can be a little bit boring and home sick feeling because I’m away from my family and close friends that I grow up with. Here, I was lucky and grateful to meet a couple of fun and real friends that sometimes I’ve caught up on some occasions.
 And what is important is I can manage myself to adjust and divert my boredom into something worthwhile, interesting and engaged to activities that I will enjoy and make my life happy.  

May I ask you, what you do before when internet was not created?


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