Sunday, June 3, 2012

Together Again

Yaaay finally I was granted the permission to have a holiday. It won’t happen soon but later on.  I was just thinking to be the first one to ask before everyone was planning to go for a holiday on the same month as I am. I’m happy I’ve got the holiday season I really wanted, I’m so excited and looking forward to it. I hope my sister’s vacation will be approved on the same date as mine. If not, we will make an alternate plan in regards to her work issues, if she will renew the contract or we could plan or think that she might stay in our home town. If like that we could inquire the food cart for sale business to put up or she will help the small family business we have. We’ll see how things will go later on.
I just really like that this 2012 Christmas or new year we will all be together again for once in a long years with my parents, brothers and sister. I hope everything will flow according to our plan and we can gather together this end of the year.


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