Sunday, June 24, 2012

Christening my Helmet

Last week was my birthday but a few days before hubby took me somewhere, it’s on motor shop.  I was surprised when he bought me a bike helmet, like Arai XD4 type.  It’s been ages since I want one sothat I can go with him when he’s riding the scooter.  But that day, I’m very clueless he already wants me to have a ride by my own on his scooter, so happy I am when he permits me to ride. 

Today, after I had finished work, he is waiting in the front of the house with my helmet ready to be worn by me.  I was tired but I can’t ruin his excitement to drive me around the block and after me testing to drive alone.  It’s fun, I felt like I’m just in my homeland riding on scooter.  For the first time in a few years I haven’t ridden his scooter and I don’t know how it feels like.  But today I’ve christened my helmet by riding the scooter.  It has made my day and I bet I’ll be doing it every now and then or often if I’ll get used of it.


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