Friday, May 4, 2012

One on One

I feel happy and so loved today.  I got a text message from my mom, who is worrying why I haven’t called them for just a month only.  She is not contented with my text messages maybe, hehe I think it’s a mother instinct sometimes, her heartbeat tells what their children’s where feeling and what situation they are for example.  I can really prove it because since I’m away from my parents or even I’m still on our country she is really a very thoughtful mom. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence, every time I’m feeling blue or in bad situation or in trouble, suddenly that moment my mom appears her presence on text messages or a phone call. If she’s just present personally on my side especially if in my darkest day, it would feel very good to share a hug with her. “telling you’ll be alright dear” But I chose a life to be apart from them so I’ll put up with it.(sigh)

Anyway I’m getting emotional now (lol)  I ring my mom to make her not worry about me and so that she can hear my laughs and giggles on the phone as what we used to do everytime we are talking, even sometimes we talk some problems but always it end up to joking and laughing all the way. I had a one on one talk with her, regarding personal matter. I’ve told her I’m fine and moving forward to another challenges in my life. I’m strong, I’m a fighter and I can survive the life that is like a water fountain you won't notice the up and downs flows of water cycle.
I felt relieve and less burden that despite everything it’s only your mom makes you comfortable and at ease to talk with. Now I have my families prayer, my mom’s blessing to do what ever that makes me happy and the plan I may take in the future.


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